Architectural Installations


Are you an interior decorator looking for that unique feature to offer your client?
Are you redoing your home or office and looking for that certain something to wow your guests?

Consider a 3-Dimensional painting installed directly in a wall for that special something that will dazzle your guests with a fascinating elegance.

Step One: Design

An original composition, designed according to your requirements for subject, color, size, etc. is created from sketch to finish to provide you with with the specialize look and feel to match any decor or design scheme.
Learn more about the design process.

The artwork is then separated into multiple planes to create a strikingly life like sense of 3-Dimensional depth and form that require no 3D glasses to enjoy.
Learn more about 3-Dimensional Painting.


Step Two: Installation

Weather you starting from an architects plan or a finished wall, an open space is incorporated into a wall and finished with the properly matching molding.

Lighting is installed either in the space behind the artwork for back-lighting or incorporated into the wall for side illumination of the artwork.

If you choose to work with natural lighting, the artwork may be installed within any available window space as well.


Step Three: Completion

The complete 3-Dimensional painting is installed seamlessly within the provided space and properly lit adding an unexpected fascination to any interior space that will illuminate the space and delight the eyes and imagination of all those who come across this delightful architectural feature.