Painted in
Reverse Transparency

Reverse Transparency

  • High Gloss Finish
  • Amplified Color Saturation
  • Fluorescent and Metallic Effects
  • UltraViolet Authenticity

Color Amplification

Color Amplification is achieved through a trick of the light as it passes through the painting’s layered materials.

Through the proper layering of transparent inks followed by opaque enamel paints, it is possible to enhance the color saturation and luminosity of the finished painting.

Light traveling through the layers of the painting is first colorized by passing through the transparent ink layer, before being colorized again as it bouncing off the opaque enamel layer, before being colorized a third time by passing through the ink layer a again as the light exits the painting’s layers.

This purposeful layering of materials results in a painting with highly saturated colors which have unique shimmering and luminous qualities.


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