Pixel Perfect Press Release: T. Mikey

A master of many techniques from pencil portraiture, figure illustration, murals,
photographic canvas manipulation, collage and 3D rendering, to hyper abstract mindscapes, T.
Mikey melds these creation modes into a style distinct, cutting, and fantastical. His
phantasmagorical rendering of techno-realist landscapes employ expert body and spatial
rendering befitting someone who has spent years studying figure drawing and the work of
Renaissance masters with the intent of translating this acumen into a personal universe of
hyper-realist, 21st century surrealism.Whether photo portraiture, epoxy painting, or digital
and photo collage, these warm, sexy dreamscapes bleed fluorescent greens, reds, and blues,
leering into the stratosphere, peering into the soul. Mikey is a master of capturing the figure,
the mindscape, and manufacturing beauty and meaning through illusion.