Spotlight: The Illuminated Mind of T. Mikey

By Aaron Deland

Written for ARTisSpectrum (Vol. 20)
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T. Michael Tracy infront of "The Mantis Shrimp Mermaid"

T. Michael Tracy infront of “The Mantis Shrimp Mermaid”

As a consequence of a ceaseless creative appetite, T. Mikey has developed several exciting new mediums; the first, dubbed 3DUV (short for Three-dimensional Ultraviolet) incorporates numerous overlapping transparent panels backlit and blacklit to enhance the virtual depth and visual intensity of the artwork. Bringing his unique imagery to life with a secret formula of paint that sparkles with luminosity. T. Mikey crafts fantastic dreamscapes with all the trimmings of a boundless creative mind. He incorporates imagery from a variety of sources, melding disparate elements together in Photoshop to form an allegorical collage. After completing the painting, he assembles the panels into a custom light-box frame; genuinely fine art with intense consumer appeal.

Recently, T. Mikey has taken his work a step further, progressing along both creative and technological channels. Employing many of the properties of his 3DUV technique, T. Mikey has developed a patented technology , called 3DTV (Three-dimensional Television), an apparatus capable of displaying video in multilayer three dimensions. These virtual illuminations, developed by T. Mikey in tandem with Universal Display Corporation’s TOLED® Technology, and Sony’s newly released OLED flat panel displays harmonizes technologies with a creative spirit; a making of no small achievement with broad implications for the world of art.
Currently T. Mikey is at the drawing board again, preparing for the next stage in his wildly creative life. With a firm in California, T. Mikey is working to market and license his 3DTV to the consumer market place bringing three-dimensional video games and movies to the living room, and a new visual diagnostic tool to the medical industry. Leaving behind the hindrance of eyeglasses or other eye-straining methods currently in the holographic technologies market. With such a remarkably inventive artist at large who knows what tomorrow may bring.

T. Mikey cites much of his creative antecedent as illustrations found in comic books, the dynamic and punchy style of drawing relying heavily on line work. Over the years T. Mikey has contemplated many titans of the art world, from Warhol to Picasso, Velasquez to da Vinci, and Bosch to Dali. His style has transformed into a hyper-realistic approach incorporating aspects of Surrealism with 21st century digital technologies. Many of his inspirations come from intangible worlds and he orchestrates his imagery in a trancelike state where hours may melt away without notice. “I believe the greatest inspirations come from dreams, the subconscious, the psychedelic and the subliminal,” he explains. “While the finest artwork is made by the conscious analytical mind.” T.Mikey has successfully married the analytical mindset with the subconscious mind to bring to life stunning works that will ultimately change the way audiences can interact with the visual arts.

Alice in Mikeyland - 3DUV White Light

Alice in Mikeyland – 3DUV White Light

Alice in Mikeyland - 3DUV UV Light

Alice in Mikeyland – 3DUV UV Light



3D TV Multilayered Structure

3D TV Multilayered Structure