Epoxy Painting

Epoxy painting was my first experimental art form creating 3D images through painting in layers of liquid plastic. Only 5 finished pieces and 2 prototypes were ever made before the technique evolved into Three Dimensional Ultraviolet Painting, although these early experiments produced some beautiful results.

*Interesting side note, the epoxy painting “Obsessive”, was consumed by the Bernat Mill Fire on March 19, 2008.

The following text is from the flyer I sent to galleries in 2000 to promote Epoxy Painting.

Epoxy painting, suspends pigments and other design elements in progressive layers of clear epoxy to create a genuine three dimensional presentation of he artist’s vision. Set into a hand-made frame with special selected back lighting, this process produces a unique and distinctive work of art suitable for display in any setting. This technique encompasses elements of painting, sculpture, collage, stained glass, fine cabinetry and lighting design into a single art form. Each piece comes with a removable back panel, so that viewers can appreciate either the specially designed internal light source or the effects of natural light.

The artist uses the optics of suspending paint in the clear epoxy layers to create an impression of depth beyond the actual thickness of the piece The viewer’s depth of field alternates between reality and illusion, as design elements appearing to move to the front of the picture plane are actually moving backward in physical space.

The use of a transparent or translucent base medium sharpens the effect of vivid coloring. The special back lighting completes the presentation of contrasts beyond the range of Hat pain tines. Tone is not dictated by pigment, instead whites are made from actual light and blacks from of the absence of it. The artist created this versatile technique, and seeks to explore the interaction of light and vivid coloring in every piece.