MacWorld Expo, NYC 1998

In my first and only digital art class at the time, I recreated my ‘Lizard’ paining in Adobe Illustrator. My teacher at the time had encouraged the class to enter the work in the upcoming Apple MacWorld digital art competition.

Winners would have their digital art printed on nice water color paper and and the art would tour the country with the MacWorld Expo as it traveled from city to city.

To my surprise, I was admitted into the show. I never attended any of the MacWorld exhibitions as I was in school at the time and the timing and travel never lined up right for me.

Although after MacWorld was over I recieved this nice 23×36 reproduction of my first digital work courtesy of Apple. Thanks Steve.

On July 7, 1998, a keynote event was held at Macworld Expo New York in which Steve Jobs recapped the survival of Apple and moving on from profitability to product strategy. Mac OS 8.5 (code named “Allegro”) was demonstrated.