WildFlowers Review

Written for ARTisSpectrum (Vol. 22)
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Endowing his works with an infectious, expressive energy, T. Mikey’s innovative artistic process is distinctly unique. Dramatic in poignant theme, color and form, Mikey’s newest technique, which he terms “Ink and Enamel on Reverse Transparency”, enhances the work’s perceivable color gamut through an innovative process utilizing film, ink and enamel paints.

At once refreshingly contemporary and stoically classic, Mikey’s newest technique is derivative of classic stained glass and painted glass techniques. However pioneering, Mikey’s “Ink and Enamel on Reverse Transparency” is ultimately a vehicle for his larger altruistic thematic concerns. Like a true aesthete, Mikey’s passion for artistic creation is born out of his urge to beautify the vast stores of sadness around him. Mikey’s works are gasps of comforting charm in a harsh reality, his colors and forms exquisite respites of unadulterated, pleasurable beauty. Inhaling the immense, multi-faceted, cruel incongruence of the world, Mikey exhales exquisitely cosmic colors and forms on flat surfaces, therefore acting as a herald of life’s majestic joys, which lurk behind every sorrow. Strongly defined by a quest for the bliss of true beauty, Mikey’s works remind us of the risk of hubris that we run due to life’s elegantly unpredictable events. In his works, Mikey seeks to make sense of the nonsensical brutalities of our modern lives through celebratory, vivacious color and spirited, zealous forms.

Therapeutic in complexity and serenely courageous in color, Mikey puts a visual voice to our most heartfelt stresses and adversities. “The world just seems to need someone to give it flowers at the moment,” Mikey states about his artistic intent. “It is my hope that the Wildflowers series has brightened your day… even just a little.” Reckoning with darkness, Mikey intoxicates his viewers with evocative, fluidly tranquil compositions. An ardent explorer of art and creations since a child, Mikey was born and raised in Massachusetts, USA. T. Mikey is critically acclaimed and widely collected throughout the United States.